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Soup of the day served with crusty bread £2.50

Garlic Mushrooms £3.00

mushrooms in a garlic sauce served on toasted bread

New Seasoned Potato Wedges (V) £3.00
deep fried potato wedges, salad and a choice of dip

Nachos Grande £3.25
tortilla chips, jalapeno peppers, bacon, chilli sauce,
cheese and topped with crème fraiche (v) option available

Chilli Beef Nachos £3.75
tortilla chips topped with chilli beef, cheese & crème fraiche

Haggis £3.75
coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried, with salad and a mustard dip


Soup of the Day / Steak Pie and Chips £6.50

2 FOR £8 Main Courses

Oven baked Lasagne served with Garlic Bread
Macaroni Cheese served with Garlic Bread (V)
Mince & Tatties with Seasonal Vegetables
Spicy Tomato Pasta served with Garlic Bread (V)
Chilli Con Carne served with Boiled Rice
Cheese & Onion Salad (V)
Pie, Chips & Beans
Margherita pizza


"The Big Tattie" £2.95
hot from the oven, served with a salad garnish, why not add a topping!

Beans £0.50
Onion £0.50
Cheese £0.75
Coleslaw £0.75
Tuna Mayo £1.00
Chilli Beef £1.00

Wraps £4.95
served with mixed salad & chips and a choice of toppings -
Cheese & Ham
Cajun Chicken
Tuna Mayo

Lite Bite Combo: any ½ wrap + soup of the day £4.25

PIZZA’S (9”)

Margherita (V) £4.50
Cheese & Ham £4.95
Pepperoni £4.95
Onion, Peppers & Mushrooms £4.95
Spicy Chicken £4.95


Chips £1.25
Salt & Chilli Chips £2.00
Garlic Bread £1.25
Garlic Bread & Cheese £2.00
Mashed Potatoes £1.50
Boiled Potatoes £1.25
Coleslaw £1.25
Onion Rings £1.95
Crusty Bread & Butter £1.25
Dips: Garlic Mayo, Tikka Mayo £0.50


Homemade Steak Pie £5.95

Shoulder of Scottish Beef cooked until tender in rich onion gravy, topped with
puff pastry and served with fresh vegetables and a choice of chips, boiled potatoes or mash

Chicken Goujons £5.95
freshly breaded chicken goujons, deep fried until golden brown served with chips,
coleslaw, salad and choice of dip

Stroganoff £5.95
chicken or beef cooked in a mushroom, brandy & paprika cream sauce served with rice

Breaded Haddock £5.95
haddock deep fried until golden brown, served with mixed salad & coleslaw

Oriental Curry £5.95
chicken cooked in a curry sauce and served with a choice of boiled rice or chips

Stirfry £5.95
chicken or beef in a chilli, garlic and oyster sauce

Steak Club Sandwich £5.95
served on toasted bread, with onions, chips, salad and coleslaw

Mince & Tatties £5.95
minced beef in homemade gravy, served with mash and seasonal vegetables

Cheese Burger £5.95
6oz beef burger served with mixed salad, coleslaw and chips

add the following toppings:
onion £0.50 Fried egg £0.75
Bacon £1.00 Chilli Beef £1.00

Chilli Con Carne £5.95
chilli beef served with boiled rice and tortilla chips

Chicken Enchilada £5.95
chicken, onions and mixed peppers, in a flour tortilla, topped with chilli sauce and cheese,
oven roasted and finished with spicy tomato sauce and crème fraiche

Chicken Fajita £5.95
chicken seared with onions and mixed peppers served with two flour tortillas,
salsa, crème fraiche and cheese

Spicy Tomato Pasta £5.95
penne or spaghetti cooked in a spicy tomato sauce and mixed peppers
served with garlic bread

Oven Baked Lasagne £5.95
served with mixed salad and garlic bread or chips

Homemade Macaroni Cheese £5.95
served with garlic bread or chips

Cheese & Ham Salad served with coleslaw and boiled potatoes or chips £4.95
Tuna Mayo Salad served with coleslaw and boiled potatoes or chips £4.95

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